Flavour & Filling Options for Wedding Cakes


The standard flavours for our celebration cakes include:

  • Vanilla sponge cake, 
    with whipped vanilla buttercream, paired with raspberry preserve
  • Rich chocolate cake
    with rich chocolate ganache (milk or white)
  • Chocolate orange cake
    with chocolate orange ganache
  • Zesty citrus sponge (lemon or orange) cake
    citrus buttercream (lemon or orange), paired with lemon or orange curd
  • Classical carrot cake
    with whipped vanilla buttercream
  • Creamy coconut sponge cake
    with either chocolate ganache (think a Bounty) or coconut buttercream. Raspberry preserve optional
  • Almond sponge cake
    with almond buttercream and raspberry preserve
  • Coffee sponge cake
    With coffee buttercream, or baileys buttercream or whiskey buttercream
  • Red velvet cake
    with vanilla buttercream
  • Rich fruit cake
    with marzipan

Traditionally the most common choices for wedding cakes has been vanilla sponge filled with alternating layers of raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream, but flavours can be mixed and matched to your taste. How about mixing chocolate frosting and orange or almond sponge? Want something completely different? Contact us with your own flavour request and we’ll do our best to make it for you!

Please note: All our celebration cakes are made to order and we usually require at least two weeks notice (at least four for fruit cakes).