Birthday Cake Portions

Please refer to the table below for our serving portion guide. Please note: portions are based on round cakes. I can do square or shaped cakes as well but these are quoted individually and will cost more. sad


Price Guide

The level of work and design involved for a celebration cake can vary hugely. The prices therefore vary also. As these cakes can sometimes be intricately decorated the price will depend on the time involved to decorate the cake rather than the number of portions. For a more detailed breakdown of the costs involved please contact us as we would be more than willing to provide you with a detailed quotation based on your requirements and budget. Prices below are ‘from’ prices which include simple decoration such as a message, piped swirly icing, and sprinkles, chocolates and other simple decorations

Please feel free to contact us for any more information on bespoke cakes.

Size (inches) Serves Dessert Portion/ Finger Portion Starting Price
6 14 / 20 £75
7 18 / 30 £80
8 26 / 40 £85
9 30 / 50 £90
10 38 / 60 £95


Most orders can be collected from our premises at a pre-arranged time. All cakes will be suitably packed but you must take great care when travelling to your venue. In order to transport your cakes you must have adequate space to allow your cake to sit level, in the boot is best, (car seats unfortunately won’t do!) and your vehicle must also be air- conditioned.

Bear in mind that the route to some venues can be tricky! The vibration on country roads and uneven road surfaces can be particularly troublesome, so it is very important to drive slowly.

Once your cake have left our premises, we are not liable for any damage they may incur.