About Us


Since I was 12 and my mum first let me make cakes for my brothers and sister from her handwritten recipes, I loved baking. Whether it was peanut butter cookies or banana bread when I got home from school, or more ambitious projects for the weekends like lamingtons or pinwheel biscuits. My passion for baking has only grown over the years and I love creating delicious and pretty cakey creations for friends and family. I am always on the lookout for an excuse to make a sky-high celebration cake, and my cake stand is always full of cupcakes or muffins, even when there is nobody to eat them!

For 8 years I have been following my passion full-time and making the best cakes I possibly can for all types of celebration. I really believe that in most mass-produced cakes that are around, even some from seemingly ‘home’ baked sources, flavor is lacking. Sometimes sacrificed for appearance, and sometimes just neglected. Where is that rich, comforting, silky sweet flavor that each and every bite of a good cake should be filled with? Its right here. No dry, sandy, cakes here. Just moist, flavourful, and more-ish cakes with delicious fluffy buttercream and divine fillings. The way good cake should be.